• Custom formulation & product development
  • Scale-up
  • Training
  • Consulting
Custom formulation & product development:

We accompany with manufacturers who want to produce and present new and innovative products to the market.
As a formulation laboratory, we are specialized in developing of skin care, color cosmetics, hair care, sun care, bath & body care, baby care, men’s care as well as formulation of products with the goal of maximizing the delivery of cosmetic actives to the skin and improving aesthetics that excite the consumer.
We would also help you to keep your current product healthy or reformulate it to improve and make it up to date or develop new line based on modern cosmetic and toiletries science.
There are no stock or cosmetic magazine formulae in our files. All of our formulations are designed on a custom basis to supply your specific demand.
We ensure that each formulation can be shown as your own.

Custom formulation & product development


One of the most important factors of success in cosmetic manufacturing, is to have a good and up to date knowledge in scaling up a product from the laboratory to the manufacturing floor.
We are specialized in this issue and ensure a successful transfer from laboratory to production. we can accompany you through the critical scaling-up process and guarantee that the end product would have the same quality and consistency that was proved in the laboratory level.



Novin pharmed experts, would train your team members in all aspects of modern theory and the latest practices. Based on your company´s goal and formulation concepts, our experts can coach and work closely with you and your team.
We can propose definitive program for training your staffs in many aspects such as Motivational product education for Sales and Distributors, Product-technology presentations for Marketing and advertising, technical and procedural training for R&D.



We are specialized to give advisory and consulting services in the following aspects:
   - Cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, and ingredients that go into the formulation of these products
   - Formula and Production Troubleshooting
   - Advertising Claims
   - Improving your current products performance
   - Create your own cosmetic brand
   - New ideas /innovation/ formulation concepts
   - Development of frame formulations
   - Production of samples for customers and trade shows
   - Design of technical information for label and brochure
   - Evaluate product – label compliance
   - Scientific consultation for cosmetic and toiletries events and training courses.